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What is SharedLingo?

SharedLingo is a language exchange platform focused on quick real-time conversations. It allows you to chat with native speakers of many languages instantly, without waiting for an answer

What is Language Exchange?

Language Exchange is a practice method for language learners. Its main idea is to practice with someone who fluently speaks the language that you are learning and is learning the language that you fluently speak

How it works in three steps

Choose partner

SharedLingo shows a list of online members. Select someone who either speaks or is learning the language that you want to practice

Ask for Chat

Send a chat request to the person that you chose. They will immediately receive your request and accept it after looking at your profile

Start Chatting

When request is accepted, SharedLingo creates a private chat room for the both of you. Have fun talking with your new friend!

More awesome features

Voice Chat

Test your speaking skills with the natives! SharedLingo offers fast and free peer-to-peer voice chat with clean audio

Language Games

Language learning should be fun! Extend your vocabulary while playing addictive text games in different languages

Mobile Friendy

SharedLingo works fine on any modern mobile device. Enjoy your chats anywhere on-the-go. No apps to install, just browser!

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Dedicated to SharedTalk

SharedTalk was a language exchange community with real-time chatting as its main feature. Unfortunately, it was shut down by its owners in 2015 without any visible reason. SharedLingo has been created by a team of web professionals, whom used to be active members of SharedTalk. We missed SharedTalk so much that we set a goal to create a new one. SharedLingo brings the same experience that SharedTalk did by using modern web technologies.

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